Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Art and Design

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Muhammad Ma'yod RADI & Rajaa Saadi LAFTA


Design ideas are characterized by being able to develop and strive to find the best and most beautiful in terms of functionality and its integration and in terms of compatibility and harmony with what the performance use requires in terms of effectiveness reflected on the user, and here the sources of the idea are identical with what corresponds to the materials and materials being means that achieve comfort and good feeling, with Taking into consideration the technical fields and the wide availability of possibilities to achieve the accomplishments of the idea, regardless of the complexity and simplification required in any of the joints of the creative process in the internal spaces. On this basis, the question came to the research problem, which is: What is the importance of the design idea data and how to obtain innovative and unconventional design solutions in contemporary interior spaces. The current research aims to reveal the data of the design idea in the contemporary interior spaces of cultural centers. The theoretical framework included the meaning of the idea, its concept, and its most important data. We have adopted the descriptive approach in the research, reaching the analysis that includes studying the data of the design idea in the contemporary interior spaces of the international cultural centers of architectural designs, Zaha Hadid. The researcher, Dongdaemun Bla, Cultural Center in South Korea has been approved by the research community, represented by three international cultural centers. The most important conclusions are: 1- Creativity is a mental process, the foundations for the process of realizing gaps and missing elements and creating ideas, through which the interior designer goes through with the aim of producing new ideas in the design of contemporary interior spaces. 2- The design idea went in directions completely different from the traditional aspects based on the level of activation of aesthetic reflections, through its reliance on hybrid design relationships with an exotic and inspirational characteristic that diverges from the previous design system.

Keywords: Idea, Design,Space, Technology, Digital.