Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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Ruqaiah Wahab Majeed BAYRAM


The cumulative phantasy of literary inherited in the contemporary Iraqi theatre's texts composes important pivot and a literary cultural phenomena has its' distinguished presence in the Iraqi theatre represented by inspiration of literary inherited and urging the collective memory by aesthetic and conceptual frames via works of dramatic processing by shifting central structures and their time-place and structural transformations in the theatrical text. The research consists of four chapters, first chapter tackled with the methodical frame and included the research's problem that is specified by the following question: ((What is the cumulative phantasy of literary inherited and how was employed in the contemporary Iraqi theatre's text?)). The research concerned with knowing the special and general frames of the cumulative phantasy of literary inherited concept and knowing also their cognitive paths, references and innovative producing tools according to cognitive time's evidences to arise the viewer's memory and rooting the cultural identity. The research aims to briefing the cumulative phantasy of literary inherited in the contemporary theatrical text. The research's limits included studying the cumulative phantasy of literary inherited in the contemporary Iraqi theatrical texts for the period (1965-2005) also first chapter included the terms and defining them also. While the second chapter consists of three sections, first one was about phantasy philosophy and its' conceptual concepts, second section was about the phantasy and its' psychological concept, third section was about phantasy and its' representations in the Arabian theatrical literary inherited. Third chapter included research's procedures of a population included (15) theatrical texts, sample consisted of two theatrical texts, choosing was by intentional method whereas conforms with the research's subject and achieving the required goal represented by (Almiftah) for Yousif Al-Ani and the play (Al-Layali Al-Sumariyah) for the writer (Lutfiyah Al-Dulaimi). The researcher considered the depicting method to analyze the research's sample, she relied on the indications of theoretical frame in analyzing. Fourth chapter included results and conclusions, some of them are: 1. Text were featured with drama structure based on inspiration of the inherited and reproduce it by contrast according to the.... Of the phantasy, cumulative of the literary public inherited via shifting techniques, symbols and interpretations of indications. 2. Writers' phantasy added manifestations of public and national identity and its' structures sublimation by its' limits, historical and inherited evidences, permanence and existence by opening the eras. 3. Parallel and harmonic employment that express the inherited characters with a contemporary visions

Keywords: Cumulative Phantasy, İnherited Literary, Iraqi Contemporary Theatre.

http://dx. doi. org/10. 47832/2717-8293. 2-3.24