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Ahmed Sayed Ahmed ELSAYED ALY


If a woman is an essential partner in society, then the legislator's guarantee of her protection against any assault or abuse is necessary. Therefore, this research sheds light on the feasibility of criminal protection for women from assault, in its two parts: substantive and procedural. In an attempt to reach any features of the preventive role of crimes of assault on women. By examining the issue in the two laws: the Egyptian and the French. The importance of this research is due to the high rates of crimes of assault against women in a way that requires a review of the punitive texts that aim to protect women from any assault, as well as the negative effects left by crimes of assault on women, whether for the family or society as a whole, in addition to the growing and continuous interest in women's issues from side of the Egyptian state. Based on this importance, and in an attempt to achieve the goal of this research, there are major questions that will be answered in the folds of the research, namely: - What is the true relationship between the terms "assault against women" and "violence against women". - Has the legislator done well with regard to substantive criminal protection for women from assault on her life and bodily integrity? - What about the procedural aspects regarding acts of assault against women, are they sufficient in themselves?

Keywords: Women, Assault and Violence, Criminal Protection, Substantive Protection, Procedural Protection.