Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Sociology

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The spread of the Corona epidemic around the world has resulted in a deterioration in the economic and social situation and the imposition of restrictions on citizens, such as wandering and domestic isolation, as this epidemic has not only changed how people live, but also how crime occurs. Where it showed the spread of a new type of crime represented in domestic violence and fraud via the Internet, and a new type of theft appeared in the form of face masks, medical equipment and oxygen, which became more attractive targets for theft, and in this context the importance of the intervention of the penal legislator appears in the difficult moments that citizens are going through as a result of This is a dangerous epidemic to bring the concept of public order into the core of its primary concerns through criminalization and punishment. And when the World Health Organization announced the transformation of the Corona virus into a pandemic, the features of the criminal phenomenon changed on several levels, as traditional criminal activities became almost non-existent and new criminal activities appeared, especially at the level of electronic crimes, so the state quickly changed its legal arsenal by taking new legislative measures and approaches by reducing this phenomenon and knowing the most important causes and factors causing it, such as the increasing demand for resorting to e-commerce markets and the intense resort to digital handling of money and financial and banking balances, which contributed to the spread of fraud and fraud, in addition to the spread of anxiety, fear and isolation among people, which led to easy Their exploitation and exposure to fraud and fraud, all these factors led to the difficulties faced by the security services, forcing them to re-equip themselves to face a new security policy in order to reduce crime‎‎.

Keywords: Coronavirus, Crime, Theft, Health Law, Penal Code.