Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Law

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Rima Fadlallah CHEHAYEB


The constitution is located at the top of the legislative hierarchy, and it is a set of basic rules that ‎determine the form of the state and its system of government, and defines the public authorities, ‎their powers and their relationship to each other, and defines the rights and duties of citizens.‎ The constitution is the symbol of the state, reflecting the conditions of society that are in constant ‎development. The constitutional amendment is considered a need to keep pace with the new ‎political, social and economic issues that may arise and which the existing constitution has not ‎noticed.‎ Hence, constitutional reform through amending the constitution guarantees its continuity.‎ The mechanism for amending the constitution differs in that the constitution is flexible or rigid, as it ‎varies from a rigid constitution to another according to the severity of the complexity of the ‎procedures to be followed in the amendment process‎.

Keywords: The Constitution, Political Issues, The Symbol Of The State