Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Language Teaching

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Mohamed Mohamed TAHER


The primary aim of this study was to describe compounding structures as they exist in Arabic (CA), something to which traditional Arab grammarians have made only vague reference. The Arabic Compounds (ACs) were selected as one area of study because as far as I know, previous research on this topic has not been sufficient. It was therefore decided to examine the understanding of the scope and the flow of the Arabic language specifically from this angle. The methods employed in the collection and analysis of data were imported from research done in the field of theoretical linguistics mainly in Arabic, English and in few occasions in German. The data on which the research was based required the survey of the most important references in both Arabic and English. This study will therefore examine the variety of ACs and it will suggest, that the phenomenon of (نحت), a grammatical process which has its roots in Standard Arabic (SA) is also a type of compounding, (compounding by omission). It will also suggest that the frequency of usage of different compounds in Arabic will continue to increase as a result of the importation and consumption of words from other languages for example technical jargon, product names and media terminology. Examples of the above will be provided. It is hoped that this will help to establish cross-linguistic similarity/diversity rules which may possibly serve the broad influence of the Universal Grammar (UG(. ‎

Keywords: Compound Word, Arabic Language, Media Terminology.