Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Geography

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The right to a healthy environment is one of the rights of peoples and present and ‎future generations, especially in light of modern technological developments that ‎have contributed greatly to the rate of environmental pollution, which has ‎multiplied environmental damage, and to confront these environmental damages, ‎there were many efforts at the international and internal levels.‎ ‎In keeping with comparative legislation, the legislator introduced the first law ‎for the protection of the environment under Law 10/03 relating to the protection ‎of the environment within the framework of sustainable development, which is ‎characterized by its preventive and deterrent nature, but it did not provide for ‎civil penalties related to compensation for environmental damage, which means ‎the implementation of the traditional rules recognized in the field of Civil liability ‎that is no longer appropriate given the specificity of environmental damage‎‎‎.

Keywords: EEnvironmental Damage, Environment, Environmental Responsibility, ‎Compensation, Environmental Pollution, Implementation, Sustainable ‎Development.