Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Linguistics

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Dr. Raja Abdul Rahim Khashea AL-RAWI


The reasoning and the substitution are two well-known phenomena in the Arab exchange. Each of them denotes a change in a letter of the word. The change in the declaration occurs in the vowels، whereas the substitution is in the correct letters. This research derives its importance from the fact that it deals with the words that were mentioned in Surat Maryam، and in its letters it has obtained explanations، replacements، and analyzes of behavioral analysis، and a statement that influenced the intended understanding of the surah. Our approach to this research is the descriptive and analytical approach، as we list the terms in which there was an explanation or substitution in Surat Maryam and a statement of what it deems of change by referring to the original sources، old and modern، and attributed and transmitted to it with an indication of the effect of the change on the meanings of the surah by referring to the explanatory sources. We found that there are three types of reasoning: the heart، transmission (sedation)، deletion، and there is no reference in Surat Maryam except for the heart، deletion، and was mentioned in Surah (19)، And there were only two terms in the surah in which there was a substitution، and there was a significant role in indicating words in Surat Maryam، as he lost a (reactor) on (effective) in (Samaya)، which means similar in highness and high and honor.

Keywords: The Declaration And Substitution، Surat Maryam، Amoral Analytical Study.