Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Historical Studies

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Dhilal Jawad Kadhim YASSIN


Arab geographers played an important role in laying the first chapter on the ‎foundations of cartography through their original traces that they immortalized ‎throughout the history of their ancient civilizations. Later, I moved to the countries of ‎the Arab world for their knowledge of the foundations of the rules and principles of ‎cartography. Their books also made an effective contribution to making the Arab map ‎from their knowledge of the concept of the map, the foundations of its mathematical ‎and artistic construction, and its developmental stages, which reached its climax in the ‎tenth century AH Therefore, the Arab maps represented the life of the Arabs in its ‎various fields and manifestations with simple and few symbols such as the square, the ‎rectangle and the circles. Its effects were reflected in the emergence of the most ‎prominent cartographic schools that were characterized by scientific ideas and original ‎and contemporary curricula at the same time, which were represented by their ‎geographical maps on which they represented the various geographical phenomena ‎‎ (natural and human) of many countries of the world that they visited and toured, and ‎they reflected this in their maps, which later became the basis for the manufacture of ‎Arabic map.

Keywords: Maps, Muslim Arabs, Middle Ages