Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Linguistics

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Dr. Najet Guerfel TAHER


There is no civilization but its rise to language as a tool of expression, description, communication, building and creativity. This research goes beyond this postulate to look at the impact of the Arab language on non-Arab people of Arabists who work in a field of knowledge whose subject matter is Arabic, language, literature and civilization. Where, due to their specialization, these people were aware of the advantages of Arabic from many sides, especially the diversity of its sciences and its various fields. The approach was dual: the Arabic language, a scientific lesson material, and a tool for civilized communication. A group of Arabists paid attention to this. Their results on the Arabic language sciences came in abundance, calling for both theoretical and procedural research.

Keywords: Arab Language, Sciences, Arabists- De Sacy, Silvestre-Machuel, Louis-Marçais, William.