Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Historical Studies

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Azhar Hadi Fadhil ALOGAIDI & Liqaa Khalil ISMAIL


If the country of India is mentioned with it the plurality of religions; It is an example in that, and then India is the source of the diverse and plural religions. Hence, in the Malay Peninsula and its combined Algeria, there are different beliefs and tendencies; They converted to Islam in the thirteenth century, and that was the result of the relations that linked them to the Arabs, which were direct, represented in trade, and indirect, represented in the fact that they were located on the sea route for the Arabs in their trade towards China .. The research aims at researching the ancient Indian religions in the Malay Archipelago - Malaysia - in addition to talking about India as it represents an important source for the spread of those religions in the archipelago, as well as the neighborhood that brings them together, India and the archipelago, and it was for direct contact factors, such as trade and other reciprocal travel. His role in the transmission of those religions from here and there. If there are multiple religions in the archipelago, However, this research will focus on the three major religions (Hinduism - Buddhism - Jainism). They are the most famous and important religions among other religions, as well as being an important source for other religions of India and the archipelago

Keywords: Indian Religions; Malay Archipelago; India