Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 5   Area: Literature

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Doaa Abdulkareem ABDULLAH


The only purpose of this thesis is to try to connect Russian culture to Turkish literature. We chose an interesting review, because it is one of the famous Russian writers, known for the most impressive novels of world literature. At Feodor Mihayloviç Dostoevsky, we believe that human characters are processed much more deeply. He is one of the powerful representatives of realism. He adhered to religion and traditions and included spiritual analyzes in his works. Despite all his material and spiritual poverty and epileptic seizures, his terrible years enabled Dostoevsky to discover the wealth of religion and prisoners, namely "the gold in the hard shell". Realist writers value language, style and form. Because the purpose of art is to express the truth objectively and aesthetically. There must be a harmony between the essence, form, language and style of the work, such as the harmony between the soul and body. Each individual is stuck between two kinds of life and tries to maintain a life between this congestion. In other words, they have two faces, they have contradictions, they have fears, their delusions, their gods or what's going on ... Man represents infinity as a limited, spiritual being in this view. Dostoevski is a writer only when we feel miserable, if we have reached the end of our limit of suffering and if we perceive life as a completely flaming wound, if we only live one despair of despair, then only then we must read.

Keywords: Dostoevsky, Russian Literature, White Nights, Nastenka, Mehmet Ozgul.