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Among the studies that may be carried out on women are those interested in the evolution and change in their role social status, lifestyle and education. Therefore, the economic empowerment of women in the world, the Arab world and Algeria in particular, is based on several criteria, including gender equality in rights and duties in various fields. Perhaps the first step towards women's economic empowerment requires providing their right to the training and knowledge that will enable them to achieve the financial and economic status they aspire to. In this context, this intervention is based on the extent to which the Algerian public sector contributes to women's formation and training, considering her an effective element in family and society construction. As the poet said: Mother is a school. If you prepare her, you would be preparing people of good races. This training consists on improving the individuals living standards, by providing free and accessible education for everyone, especially women. the factors that helped eliminate women’s illiteracy rapidly in Algeria were the compulsory education before the age of 16, and the imposition of financial fines on parents who forbid their children from primary education, which allowed the female gender to engage intensively at high rates in education, hence high school and university, especially after they manage to achieve higher grades and rates of success and accessing various disciplines at the university. Thus, women's education has contributed to their economic and social empowerment, which may appear in the employment rates of women in Algeria based on educational level, which is considered as a hopeful reflective vision for founding and properly raise the rest of the social groups

Keywords: Economic Empowerment, Women, Educational Level, Active Women's Society.