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Mamdouh . Gh . A . BARRY, Owda .S .A . HAMAEL


The study is concerned with an aspect related to the field of education, as it is concerned with the issue of educational attainment by the children of administrative prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, because of this social group of clear repercussions on the Palestinian society, and because this category has the importance it occupies from the nature of the age stage experienced by the children of administrative prisoners, including The stages of childhood that we can reduce to the primary and basic school stage, followed by the secondary school stage, and extend to university studies in many cases. This study talks about the Palestinian family whose children were deprived of living under the father’s tenderness and care for long and intermittent periods. We are talking about a group of prisoners who are subject to repeated arrest several times after their release, which negatively affects the social conditions of the family, including study and education. This study sheds light on a part of the state and society’s resources, and it is classified under the right to human resources, given that investing in people is the best form of economic investment. Head of the family . And because the administrative prisoner is represented in the Palestinian national custom like other prisoners as a model of sacrifice and struggle, which put him in the first ranks that were offered and drained for the sake of the homeland and the constants. Therefore, this study examines the conditions, factors and influences that the children of administrative prisoners experience within the family, the community, and the school. This study derives its data from several interviews and questionnaires conducted inside the prison and within its sections, where the two researchers, who are administrative prisoners, conducted these interviews with some married administrative prisoners who have children in schools and universities and from various cities of the West Bank. These questions were divided between the structural and the objective and included answers about the reflection of the social and economic reality of the family of the administrative prisoner on the educational attainment of its children, and because the society represented by institutions, schools, mosques and the street has a decisive role in influencing negatively or positively the reality of the lives of the children of the administrative prisoner, and because of this impact of important repercussions on The educational attainment of the children of the captive. And because the economic and life burdens have become strenuous in the absence of the father, and the wife has become the one who bears many of these burdens, which multiplies the responsibilities that fall upon her and because of its negative repercussions on the level of her psychological, administrative, physical and mental capabilities. All of this inevitably has effects on her children and these effects also It has dimensions on the child's personality, abilities, skills and sentiments, and on top of that his academic achievement, which is the subject of this scientific study. The danger that the prisoner's family faces is that this administrative prisoner is accustomed to frequent detention by the occupation, and his name is on the list of arrests on the computers of the military administration of the Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank. This recurring situation, which is punctuated by repeated incursions into the house and the house and a night raid to arrest the prisoner from time to time, where he stays for several months and may reach 24 months at its most extreme, and is released after a significant period, and as a result of the escalation of scenes of the national situation in the Palestinian street from time to time His arrest again, the matter did not stop there only, but his house was broken into after his arrest for the purposes of inspection, spreading panic and destroying the furniture and belongings of the house. These raids were taking place at a time when the husband was caught between the clutches of families for days and weeks.

Keywords: Administrative Detention, The Educational Achievement, Palestinian Administrative Prisoners.