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Dhefar Qahtan Abdul Sattar AL-HADITHI


Khorasanopening and beyond the river were a major historic event carried out by the Arab Islamic armies in spreading the Islamic religion and lifting the injustice from the Iranian people who were oppressed by the Sassanid state. Where the Arab Muslims inhabited Iranian cities and mingled with their inhabitants and worked to change their political, social and economic reality until the city reached the foundations of its civilization and civilization in the fourth century of migration thanks to the Arab mentality, which worked seriously and continuously on the development and progress, after settled by the Arab conquerors and interact with the movement of development and civilizational The march of Islamic history. This is what led to the emergence of a constructive intellectual and cultural movement. In each city, scholars and modernists from among their sons belong to ancient Arab origins and contribute to the various scientific, religious and literary disciplines. The affiliation with the city became part of the self-communion and deep love of these cities and pride in their introduction and declaration. Every historical, intellectual or cultural opportunity and boasts of other concrete cities. Which led to the emergence of historians without history of their cities to boast and compete with the rest of the historians of other cities, until it reached something advanced in the history of Arab Islamic civilization. The history of the cities of Khorasan, Nesapur, Samarkand and others was of particular importance in historical studies to an extent indispensable. Especially the city of Bukhara heart and the beacon of science and knowledge and the state of Khorasan in the time of the Sassanid emirate.

Keywords: Abu Abdullah Gnagar, Bukhara History, The State of Khorasan